Long before Marilyn Monroe sang “Diamond is a woman’s best friend”, men have shown a focus on the symbolic meaning of diamond power.

The history of men diamond watch
In fact, men diamond watches have always been produced. Only in the period when the mechanical watch is recovered slowly in the early 1990s. In order to highlight their own movement technology, brands have removed the decorative parts to reduce the added value on the watch. Go all out to use the complexity of mechanical watches to impress customers.

However, with the increasing recognition of mechanical watches by the public, the consumption of watches has become increasingly prosperous. The aesthetic requirements are constantly improving and the diamond watch is flourishing again.
From small diamonds markers to diamonds case, diamonds have appeared frequently on men watches. In addition to maintaining and increasing value, it is also a symbol of identify.

Design principles of diamond watches
First, the movement. Because men’s understanding of the movement is stronger than women’s, so the innovation and operation of movement are very important.
Second, the theme. Men watches generally use black and white subjects as the main theme, which is more masculine. Dials with full white diamonds, all black diamonds or black and white diamonds are still common in the men diamond watch.
Different from the gorgeous color pursued by women watches, men watches always pursue the integrity of design. Diamond processing and setting methods are relatively simple and uniform.

The shape is regular and symmetrical, therefore, the diamond selection requirements of the men diamond watch are more stringent than those of the general jewelry, such as the clarity of the diamond. In this way, the roundness of the dial is very well, and the diamond is inlaid flat and tightly stitched. To select diamonds of the same precision and scale, you can imagine the difficulty of selecting materials. This precision also places high demands on cuts and inlays.

I have introduced a diamond watch with a rose gold case and a burgundy leather strap. Many of my friends like it. Today, I will share with you a black watch with a silver case and a gentleman diamond Breguet Classique watch. Give friends more choices.

Details about Breguet Classique Diamonds Men Duplicate Watch
38mm diameter black dial matching with the blue hands seems gentle and noble. The special design of markers is a way to show personality. Paved with diamonds, the silver bezel reflects luxury and fashion experience. And the black genuine leather strap offers a comfortable experience. The Swiss ETA 2842-2 movement has high-quality that can operate the watch well.

In fact, no matter what the watch is, just fit it for yourself. Diamond-studded watch is luxurious and elegant. Diamond-free watch is simple and stylish. Choosing which style is the perfect accessory that will add color to your life.


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