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Dress of power: Breguet Classique Diamonds Men Duplicate Watch


Long before Marilyn Monroe sang “Diamond is a woman’s best friend”, men have shown a focus on the symbolic meaning of diamond power.

The history of men diamond watch
In fact, men diamond watches have always been produced. Only in the period when the mechanical watch is recovered slowly in the early 1990s. In order to highlight their own movement technology, brands have removed the decorative parts to reduce the added value on the watch. Go all out to use the complexity of mechanical watches to impress customers.

However, with the increasing recognition of mechanical watches by the public, the consumption of watches has become increasingly prosperous. The aesthetic requirements are constantly improving and the diamond watch is flourishing again.
From small diamonds markers to diamonds case, diamonds have appeared frequently on men watches. In addition to maintaining and increasing value, it is also a symbol of identify.

Design principles of diamond watches
First, the movement. Because men’s understanding of the movement is stronger than women’s, so the innovation and operation of movement are very important.
Second, the theme. Men watches generally use black and white subjects as the main theme, which is more masculine. Dials with full white diamonds, all black diamonds or black and white diamonds are still common in the men diamond watch.
Different from the gorgeous color pursued by women watches, men watches always pursue the integrity of design. Diamond processing and setting methods are relatively simple and uniform.

The shape is regular and symmetrical, therefore, the diamond selection requirements of the men diamond watch are more stringent than those of the general jewelry, such as the clarity of the diamond. In this way, the roundness of the dial is very well, and the diamond is inlaid flat and tightly stitched. To select diamonds of the same precision and scale, you can imagine the difficulty of selecting materials. This precision also places high demands on cuts and inlays.

I have introduced a diamond watch with a rose gold case and a burgundy leather strap. Many of my friends like it. Today, I will share with you a black watch with a silver case and a gentleman diamond Breguet Classique watch. Give friends more choices.

Details about Breguet Classique Diamonds Men Duplicate Watch
38mm diameter black dial matching with the blue hands seems gentle and noble. The special design of markers is a way to show personality. Paved with diamonds, the silver bezel reflects luxury and fashion experience. And the black genuine leather strap offers a comfortable experience. The Swiss ETA 2842-2 movement has high-quality that can operate the watch well.

In fact, no matter what the watch is, just fit it for yourself. Diamond-studded watch is luxurious and elegant. Diamond-free watch is simple and stylish. Choosing which style is the perfect accessory that will add color to your life.

Luxury Diamond Belongs to Men: Breguet Marine Series Rose Gold Diamonds Knockoff Watch


In general, women and diamonds are perfect partners. But diamonds and men are also a good choice.The blogger found a men diamonds knockoff watch of Breguet Marine series, which was amazing. What are we waiting for? Let’s go and have a look.
Watch details
40MM diameter white dial has several rings and each ring is separated by the circles that are made of gold beads (there are three bead rings at the dial). From the outside to the inside are diamonds markers ring and Roman markers ring in turn. The center circle of the dial has the plum blossom grain that seems mysterious. And the black logo of brand has the strong visual impact.
At the Roman markers circle, the date window is located at the 3 o’clock that is amazing. Sometimes the blogger would make a mistake by mixing the date and the time that is a little funny. But it doesn’t matter. And as the saying that “one flaw cannot obscure the splendor of the jade”.
The rose gold bezel is surrounded by round diamonds reflecting luxury. And it is able to improve the level of the person’s taste, as well as your confidence.
Gold-plated steel case with coin grain is special. Engraved with the logo, rose gold crown has the same grain in order to make the users operate the watch smoothly.
Combining with the one-piece straight lugs, the leather strap with the double retaining rings holds the dial well. And the adjustable strap allows people a easy and comfortable way to wear the watch. Wine red genuine leather with the logo at the inner side is comfortable when wears.
Tips about the wine red
The wine red is a gorgeous color that combines the alert red with the repressive black.
In religion, the wine red is often regarded as a noble color symbolizing the supreme authority. Generally speaking, people who like wine red color tend to have a traditional classical family. The persons are conservative and temperate that there will be several very strict requirements for themselves. Pairing with fashion and romantic rose gold color, this watch will be a perfect element for work or leisure time.
Screw-down watch back has the wave pattern reflecting a beautiful picture. Hollow case back is the window where people can appreciate the function of movement.
Swiss ETA 2824-2 is the high-level movement that offers the watch to operate as the real one. And its delicacy components can be seen from the hollow case back.
This knockoff watch is Swiss Made that means it has the high-quality. So the customers don’t need to worry about this part. And the moderate price is more attractive.

Experience Sharing: Breguet Classique REF 5197BA/15/986 Replica Watch Review


The blogger is a girl who likes novelty. Just few days ago, blogger found a fashionable watch, then, she shares it for people. No matter you like or not, just have a look at it. After all, it is also a choice or an experience.

Rose gold Roman Numbers and different size of silver dots constitute double vortical rings. It is the smart design that is charming. The Rose gold Breguet (antique roman) hands add the luxury experience when wearing it at significant conference or relaxed moment.

Notice:(Design Philosophy)
Breguet needle was designed by Mr. Breguet in 1783. There are two characteristics of this hand: one is a blue steel hand made by baking blue technique. And the other one is that there is a hollow circle at the end 1/3 of the pointer. In fact, it is an eccentric moon shape. This little design was not eye-catching at the time. But people did not expect this small pointer that it has been used for more than 200 years, and has always maintained an absolute classic position.

36mm diameter black dial is suitable for gentlemen. At the same time, it is also a key element to improve the level of life. Above the 6 o’clock is the date window as usually. Sapphire crystal watch mirror has a very high resolution and it is wear resistant, which is the basic configuration of the watch. Rose gold flat crown is engraved with the logo has the coin grain that is easy to operate the time.

The material of case is made of gold-plated steel that is a special texture than normal steel. Rose gold case is almost 10mm in thick. While with the coin grain, the case seems a little thin. Surround by the raised grain, the hollow case back is a good method to reflect the function of the movement. And it might be a enjoyment when watch it works. The Swiss ETA 2824-2 seems more safe at the protection of the screw-down watch back.

Wine red genuine leather (crocodile) is soft when compare with the stainless steel band. But it need more care to use it avoiding scratches and abrasions.

Ardillon Buckle is the common element, but it is still comfortable. If the designer do some innovates, the watch must be more popular than before. The unique lace design of rose gold buckle adds more fashion to the watch. And customers can suit the wrist by the adjustable leather strap.

As the watch is made from Swiss, so the quality is guaranteed. Which is more magnetic, the knockoff watch has the original box packaged. If you want to choose gift for someone, this watch won’t despair you. In fact, this knockoff watch will be a very meaningful gift.

Deserving a Dress Watch: Breguet Classique Automatic Replica Watch Review


A few days ago, when bloggers and friends are shopping, they past by the Breguet counter. As a result, the blogger was fascinated by a 5177BA/29/9V6. After browsing the Internet, I found this watch very popular. For some reasons, the blogger bought a clone watch with the same appearance watch.
Show the details of the clone watch
This watch case is made of yellow gold Swiss 316L Steel.The 38mm diameter clean white dial and the instructions of the big three needles continue the classic minimalist design of Breguet. And he 38mm diameter does not pursue the so-called big diameter trend, which is more suitable for Asian men to wear and is very slender
Swiss 316L Steel with yellow gold color, the gear-shaped crown is simple and elegant making the slim case more elegant. The polished crown is embossed with Breguet’s brand logo demonstrating the distinguished brand identity.
Brown Genuine Leather (crocodile) Strap has a neat texture and the same color stitching for fine workmanship. And the leather strap is more comfortable to wear, adjustable design is perfect to meet different needs.
The slim case side is decorated with Breguet’s consistent and classic coin pattern, which fully demonstrates the brand’s style in the details of the watch. The curved bezel is polished exuding the faint luster of yellow gold.
A simple Swiss 316L Steel pin buckle is more suitable for everyday wear, simple and easy to fall off, which is very practical.
Breguet’s classic-style welded rounded lugs are small and exquisite. Fine sanding reveals the gloss of yellow gold Swiss 316L Steel, which is comfortable to wear and fasten the strap with a screw bolt.
The Arabic Numbers are elegant and clear with a diamond scale next to the 12, 3, 6 and 9 hour markers. The minute scale features a subtle snowflake pattern, and the 5-minute hour markers are paired with Breguet’s classic lily-shaped scales. The exquisite blue steel hollowed-off eccentric hands portrays the elegant style of the Breguet. The slender second hand end is also decorated with a hollowed-off eccentric moon-shaped embellishment, which is more delicate and delicate. And the date display of the trapezoid is at 3 o’clock and is clear at a glance.
With the Swiss ETA 2824-2 automatic movement, the watch works more smoothly. And it’s easier to use.
Finally, the blogger’s personal experience
This knockoff watch that has almost the same appearance of the real, with the low price, it offers a good experience. About one month wearing(of course, it is her friend wears), the operation of the watch is perfect.And through the Sapphire Crystal watch mirror, the time can be seen quite clearly. The simple white is smart suiting the businessmen well for conferences or life. The elements of the detail reflects the gentlemen which is very noble and fashion.

Be A Gentleman with A Watch:Replica Breguet Classique Rose Gold Men Watch


As the most experienced detective fan, the blogger is very fascinated by the subject matter of the case. Another very popular mini-TV series, Sherlock, which was produced by the BBC. The protagonist in the play, Sherlock Holmes (A detective figure shaped by the English novelist Arthur Conan Doyle in the late 19th century) whose mind is calm, the observation is sharp, and the reasoning ability is very strong. Moreover, his fighting skills, boxing and violin performance levels are also very high. So the blogger is fascinated. Love me, love my dog. So what Sherlock Holmes likes, the blogger is also very interested. In the background of the story of London’s style in the old century, Sherlock wore a classically low-key watch adding a gentleman’s atmosphere.
The blogger went online to search for that watch. Then it turned out to be a product of Breguet. In a curious attitude, the blogger browsed the official website of Breguet and was fascinated by a watch: BREGUET CLASSIQUE. Because the blogger like it too much, but the price of the official website is not in the range that can be offered, the blogger chose a replica watch to send to her boyfriend. After receiving it, her boyfriend likes it quite well that wear it all the time.
The 39mm diameter white enamel dial is more retro and rare than the new metal enamel dial. The Arabic numerals of the unique black Breguet font make the time clearer. Matched with the long red second hand, the royal blue pointer is more obvious. The snail shell-shaped red speed chronograph (blue steel enamel needle) is printed on the surface of the white coin pattern and is very unique. And there are three crowns (the middle crown engraved with the logo of brand) at the right side of the rose gold bezel that can operates watch in an orderly way. When surrounding the white dial, the snail shell-shaped red speed chronograph (blue steel enamel needle) is printed on the surface of the white coin pattern that is very unique.
The rose gold straight lugs are in harmony with the round dial. A dark brown leather strap with delicate stitching for a comfortable experience.The deployment buckle supports safe use, which is both easy to wear and stylish. Through the hollow case back, you can also enjoy the most famous Lemania manual chronograph movement, from the inside out, no one does not reflect the perfect craft of fine watchmaking. Many of Breguet’s features are reflected in this replica watch.
Replica watch with Swiss Valjoux 7750 movement that shows high-quality of the technique. This replica watch should be a satisfying shopping experience for bloggers. If you also want to have a delicate Breguet watch but have not enough money, just try this fake style, which won’t despair you.

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